The picture to left is of me after my Weight Watchers Success Story photo shoot. I feel great and am in better shape than I've ever been in my entire life. That was probably a little small, so I maintain around the 115-120 pound level. If I go over 120 pounds, I scale my points or calories back down a bit. Yes, I still am on Weight Watchers and probably will be for the rest of my life. It is a very small price to pay for being a lean, mean, Tory machine.

I actually maintained 115 for quite awhile, but once I started lifting weights and running 35+ miles a week, I added 5 pounds. At first it freaked me out...what the heck? I was doing EVERYTHING the same. Then I went to a Sports Nutritionist, Heather Nakamura. She did a body fat analysis and told me that not one was I fine, but my body fat was so low I shouldn't lose any more weight. What a relief!

Currently, jeans are size 1 to 4, depending on the brand and cut. I never ever thought I'd be a size 10, much less this small.

I really have to thank all of the people who are supporting me in my efforts. First and most supportive would be my husband, Roy and my sister, Tammy. They have been with me every step of the way. He's lost 90 pounds during the process. (Tammy has always looked hot and never had any pounds to lose because already knew how to make healthy choices for her body.)

Online I have enjoyed the support of many people on the Weight Watchers 50+ Pounds to Lose bulletin board, the Weight Watchers...uncensored group, and the Serious Weight Watchers email list. I am also a frequent poster on the forums in CalorieKing and use their service to check my nutritional values since I'm always training for marathons and triathlons.

July 16, 2005 in New York City after my Weight Watchers photo shoot.

Me running by Roy at the Sammamish Triathlon in Aug 2007

They are like a 24 hour a day "meeting." Together we share each others victories and let downs, supporting and being supported every day. They are a very cool group of people.

I just added a new page of 100 facts about me. It's sort of random, but if you're it is.

I look at some of the pictures below and I can't even recognize the woman I used to be. I don't look like her, I don't feel like her, I can hardly even relate to her! She was a wonderful person who lacked self respect so much that she didn't feel she was even worth the effort it would take to lose the weight. Now I realze that she deserved so much better and instead of thinking of eating right and exercising as a chore, I realize that it is an ongoing gift. It's a gift I give not only to myself, but to my family and friends. Living a healthy life makes me a better wife, daughter, sister, and friend. Heck, it's even a gift I give to my students...'cause I'll be around just that much longer to torture them!

I just added a page of about 50 before pictures of both Roy and I (mostly me since I know he's a lot more sensitive about it than I am). I just sometimes need to remind myself of who I am. It helps me realize how far I've come, but more importantly...that there are no guarantees. I can go back there if I'm not vigilent.

Click here for the pics.


Drivers License Before (aiiiiieeeeee)

Drivers License After (whew)


Click on the picture to see a full sized version...if you dare.


Holy Fat Couple, Batman!

Summer of 2000 at the Hydroplane races.



Happy Independence Day 2002!

Next year I'll celebrate my independence from FAT!



San Francisco, summer 2001

What the hell was I thinking? Why did I wear this outfit? Why didn't someone stop me?



Summer 2001

I am stunned...why Greenpeace didn't come and push me back in the water is beyond me.




What more can I say?



Happiest Place on Earth

Summer 2001 in Disneyland. How did I ever let myself leave the hotel in that dress? Ugh!



Tulip Festival, LaConner, WA

Tiptoe through the tulips 30 pounds lighter! April 2002.



California Adventurers

At this point we'd each lost about 25 pounds, but no one noticed on our trip to California! Oh well. We'll visit in December. I think they'll notice then.



Same Dress, Different Body

Here I am in May of 2002 looking much more comfortable in that dress! I actually wore it when I was 15 pounds heavier. I'm sorry.



May 2002

I'm down about 40 pounds in this picture. Size 14 shorts and a large shirt. No more shopping in the plus size department!



July 2002

Size 10/12 and feeling good!



145 Pounds and Going Down!

August of 2002 I was in a size 9 juniors and feeling wonderful about going back to school.



SeaFair Hydroplane Pilot

Bet ya didn't know I drove the hydros! August 2002



Maddie and Me!

Maddie can't believe how much weight I've lost! I'm 135 here in November 2002.



No I'm NOT arching my back!

Christmas outfit to DIE for! I can't believe I'm in a size 6! Only 5 pounds until goal on this day.



Tory and Kim

This is my older sister, Kim. We met for the first time this weekend. I was SO thrilled to meet her.



Close up of my face

I was playing Star Wars Trilogy at Gameworks. Say goodbye to those curly locks! They'll be gone soon!



Tory at 120

This is shortly after surgery 1. I'm down to 120. I think I look like a completely different person. While in California in December my brother gave me a makeover, including having my hair straightened.



Valentines Day 2003

Weight 120 pounds.



After my second and third surgeries

I look very drawn in this picture because I'm down to 106. That is WAY too small for me. What an irony to now need to GAIN weight!




I look so boney! Someone feed this girl a sandwich!




I suffer from Noassitol. Can you tell which is the front and which is the back? These size small capris HANG on me. EW!



Hot Dress!

Okay I found this for $10 at a thrift store, if you can believe it! I hate my hair and the angle of this picture, but check out that dress! I'm at 112 now and look much more robust than at 106.



Where did my butt go?

Where can you buy those undies with the butt implants? I'm in dire need.


Roy and I in Disneyland in May 2004. What a happy couple!

  Mom and I in Disney California Adventure in May 2004

Here I am goofing around at Seattle Center on July 4, 2004 

Me, Sonya (Dan's girlfriend), Dan, and Kim. Dan and Kim are my brother and sister. Don is our father.
Here I am at Kjosfossen waterfall in Norway summer 2004
Roy and I with a friend we met on Floyen Mt. in Bergen, Norway summer 2004

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