Roy has lost quite a bit of weight too! At first I thought, "Oh great, he's going to like cut out three things and be skinny as a rail." Well, it hasn't happened that way. He's lost a little slower than I have. However, since  he's started exercising boy howdy has he slimmed down! He has lost and maintained a loss of about 80 pounds! What a hottie!

He's an awesome WW partner. He cooks dinner most nights and works out with me. In fact, if I'm not in the mood he makes us go! He weighs and measures all of our food so that we make sure we're eating as many points as we should and not "fudging" at all. I'm very proud of the positive changes he's made in his life. He could easily have said "This is your thing" and let me go it alone, but like everything in our life, he's been my partner all the way.

He's a keeper!


Here we are in the happiest place on earth. Even I am astounded by that picture! Are those the same people?

Look below for more pictures of my sweet Roy.

Here are some of his weight loss pictures, and some of the two of us together. Click the pic to see a full version.


Universal 2001

Roy and Kanoe, our nephew, at Universal Studios. Oh they had the BEST time in the water park section. The rest of us adults just sat on the sidelines.



Camping Man!

Roy's job is to tend the fire while I watch movies on our DVD player. Do we know how to rough it? (Can you buy an electric fire?)



August 2002

Roy heading for the train on our trip to California.



Christmas 2000

Don't tell him I put this picture online. He'd kill me.



Roy and Nyoka

I don't even remember how I coerced him into this picture. You can tell he's thrilled to have a snake around his neck.



Happy Independence Day!

Oooh Dad! What's that?



Wasn't he cute?

Roy's sister, Vicky, was playing with her photo editing software.



Look at how happy we are?

We love Disneyland. I want better pictures, though.




Tory was being silly with photoshop



Hydro Pilot Roy

Roy is a hydro pilot too! August 2002



Hot Baby!

Roy is now in a size 38 down from 46 since February of 2002



November 2002

Roy's down 67 pounds here. We're being silly at the tree lighting at Westlake Center



Roy loves the train

Ever since he was a kid Roy has loved this train in the Bon display window. Nov 2002.



Tending the Fire

Down 67 pounds. Where did his tummy go?



Happily losing weight together

I couldn't have done this without Roy!



January 2003

I had had surgery just a week and a half earlier so I'm looking a little puny, but feeling better. Isn't Roy looking great?



Valentines Day 2003

Isn't he cute??



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