Race for the Cure 2005

Seattle, WA
Susan B. Komen Foundation
60F / 16C

Total Time = 8m 40s
Overall Rank = /
Age Group = 40-44
Age Group Rank = /

Pre-race routine:

Ate a breakfast of a breakfast cookie and coffee. Why do I vary my breakfasts? It always backfires! Well, maybe not. I think I set a personal best.

Event warmup:

Stretching and trying in vain to make my way up past all the strollers. Why don't they require them to be in the back? I mean I know some people are really fast with strollers, but just as often the kid cries and they stop dead in the middle of everything causing a huge traffic jam and a dangerous situation.



The run was awesome. I felt very fast the entire run and at the end a man ran up next to me and said "Wow! I paced with you the entire run. Thanks for keeping me working hard!" That made my head swell a bit! I always think of myself as pretty slow.

I ran in memory of Cora and Debbie and in celebration of Francy. The real "honor" though was in honor of Angie, my dear friend who has lymphoma. I told her I ran with her on my back. Whenever I wanted to slow down a little I thought about her and how she doesn't have the option to slow down her cancer treatments. She'll never quit, so I can't quit.

What would you do differently?:

Just stick with oatmeal for breakfast, but otherwise nothing. I really enjoyed the run and had a GREAT time. This race is very meaningful to me. I lost a friend and fellow AWESOME teacher to breast cancer a few years back.

Post race

Warm down:

Found water and waited for Roy. When I heard his name called I started jumping up and down cheering for him! He's my man and I'm so proud of him!

Went to the expo and got lots of wonderful freebies and stayed for the Survivor Parade. *sniff* Always very emotional, but a celebration!

What limited your ability to perform faster:

Nothing other than just being slow!

Event comments:

The race was very well organized, although I really wish that someone would tell the walkers NOT to walk shoulder to shoulder in groups of five in the middle of the lane! Come ON! I'd also like it if parents would really prep their kids for runs. I saw a little boy completely bowled over by a man when he just stopped dead in the middle of the track. Both of them fell hard! If his parents had made sure to tell him "You canNOT stop unless you run over to the side carefully first" and made sure to stay with him, that wouldn't have happened.

Also can I just say...keep your dogs at home for such a large run? There weren't many, but a few and never over to the side. Always right there in the middle where people are trying to jump over their leashes!