Furry 5k

Seattle, Washington
Seattle Animal Shelter
70F / 21C

Total Time = 32m 8s
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Pre-race routine:

Since we were running with the dogs, we decided to get there an hour early so they could get all their wiggles and butt sniffing out. Good plan! They were so hyped up for the first 45 minutes, running would have been a nightmare!

Stuck with my oatmeal breakfast, and was glad of it! Held me great and no stomach issues.

Event warmup:

Lots of butt sniffing, whining, and barking. No, not me. The dogs. (Although my butt did get sniffed a few times.)



We started out in the 10 min mile pace group. It did seem kind of silly to have pace groups when probably half the people were running with dogs and they just make their own pace, thankyouverymuch. We touched noses with the dogs around us and then a strange sound indicated that the race started! Nothing for a few seconds...we just sort of stood there, then walked a little, then jostled over the chip mat. Once the course opened up a bit Madison decided to take off like a shot. So much for Roy and I staying together! He had the short legged dog, Murphy. I had the long legged collie! I warned her about going out too eager, but she would not hear anything of it! She was on her game! Flo Jo of the Canine Crowd! She'd run up next to a dog in front of her "Hello. Hi! How are you? Gotta run!" She'd see the next dog and surge ahead. Good thing I can run fast when I need to! I think we took the first mile in less than 8 minutes! We were going great guns! Legs were feeling awesome, despite the ten mile run yesterday! Yeah Baby! Yeah!

Potty break...

That took a little time off to take a pit stop, scooped up the poo and headed back off...right around the corner...into a nest of course photographers! Oh yes! Please take a picture of me with my dog in my left hand and poop in my right!

Mile two was a little slower after our little break, but still a good pace. Towards the end of mile two Madison started to give me that look. You know the look when you take your dog for a run and she's decided that it was fun, with WAS being the operative word. Fortunately there was a water stop ahead. As we jostled for head space at the water trough a big golden named Gus climbed on into the kiddie pool and layed down! Gus was done! Maddie drank her fill and we took off again...up a hill. "Buns of Steel Maddie! Hills build buns of STEEL!" I yelled. She glared at me. "C'mon Flo Jo! Let's Go! Let's Go!" She glared at me. I started "singing" the theme to Rocky. She glared at me. I started singing "Who Let the Dogs Out". Others glared at me. That hill was GNARLY! Other faster dogs, I pointed out without shame, were coming back DOWN the hill on the other side, so she decided she'd join them. After all, who would know if we took a short cut? I explained that this simply isn't done.

She glared at me.

The last half mile Maddie was pretty much done. This run thing really wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Sure she had the matching t-shirt (we were both in tie dye). She had the jaunty bandana. But she was done. I talked to her the entire time "C'mon Mads...this is the Furry 5k RUN, not the Furry 5k DRAG!" I cheered for her. I sang to her. (Yes, out loud. I have no shame. I wear a shirt that matches my dog's shirt.) Suddenly we saw the three mile mark. "Only 1/10 to go Mads! We can do it!" As if she understood me, she surged ahead and put in her "kick". She passed the poodle. She breezed by the bernaise. She trompled the terrier! She saw the finish line. I explained that at this point, Finish was our favorite word and there were cute boy dogs, water, and treats on the other side of that sign. We whipped the whippet (okay, maybe not...but it worked with the pattern so sue me) and crossed the finish line as they announced my name. We did it!

What would you do differently?:

Train with the dog a little more, but it was fun.

Post race

Warm down:

We made our way through the crowd to some shade and shared a water bottle (shut up...I love my dog). When we heard Roy's name called out we jumped up and ran to cheer him and Murphy over the finish line. They had caught up with us during the pit stop but we'd left them in our dust shortly after. Apparently Murphy had a similar reaction to mile three. He tried to say he was doing the "Galloway Method" but we reminded him that he can't read and really doesn't know anything about the Galloway Method.

What limited your ability to perform faster:

The dog.

Event comments:

A very FUN race! Beautiful location, great cause, and it really was a blast to run with a lot of dogs. I was surprised that most people and dogs go along very well together. After the run a man came up to us and said "Is this the dog I heard you say "this is a run, not a drag" to?" We laughed and said yes. He said "That kept me chuckling for another mile!"

I live to serve.