Race Reports

After almost every race I like to complete a race report. It reminds me to take the time to enjoy the races and reflect on them. I never run a race (or triathlon) without thanking the Lord for blessing me with a body that allows me to do this wonderful activity.

My first "real" race was at Emerald Downs. We ran a one mile race around the horse track the summer after I had been so sick. It was a HUGE mental and physical "win" for me (even though I was slow). What a blessing. What a wonderful blessing.

Since then I've gone on to finish 5ks, 10ks, 12ks, 30ks, marathons, and triathlons! My next goal is an ultra marathon in December of 2007!




Below are links to my race reports.

Half marathons (13.1 miles)
Full marathons (26.2 miles)
Trail Races
UW Dawg Dash October 2006*
Vancouver Half 2007
Danskin 8/2006*
Gig Harbor Street Scramble May 2007
Mt. Si Relay April 2007
Smelt Run 2/2005
Mercer Island Half 2007

Chicago Marathon

October 2008

Danskin 8/2005
Birch Bay International Road Race 2007
Northwest Trail Run 10K
Henry Weinhardt's St Patricks Day Dash 2006

Seattle Half Marathon 2006

Michelle's Grande Ass Marathon

September 2008

Danskin 8/2004
Birch Bay International Road Race (30k)*
Resolution Run 1/1/2006
Super Jock & Jill 2006*

Seafair Marathon

July 2008

My First Triathlon 7/2004
Beat the Bridge 8k 5/2005

Jingle Bell Run 12/2005

Nookachamps Winter Run 1/2005
Seafair Half Marathon 2006

Grandma's Marathon June 2008

12ks of Christmas 12/2004
Haggens to Haggens 5/2005
Everett to Athens
Vancouver Half Marathon 2006

Couer d' Alene Marathon May 2008

5 Mile Tulip Run 4/2004
Henry Weinhardt's St. Paddy's Day Dash 3/2005* (Note: this is about 3.5 miles, not 3.2 hence two PRs in this category)
Mercer Island Half Marathon 2005

Christmas Marathon December 2007

Furry 5k 2005
Whidbey Island 4/2005
New York City Marathon November 2007
Race for the Cure 2005*
Seattle Marathon 11/2004
San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon June 2007
Jingle Bell Run 7/2004
Super Jock and Jill Half 9/2004
Eugene Marathon April 2007*
Firecracker 5000
Portland Marathon October 2006
Race for the Cure 6/2004
Salt Lake City Marathon June 2006
Rock and Roll 5k
Disneyworld Marathon January 2006
Henry Weinhardt's St. Paddy's Day Dash 2004
Seattle Harris Direct Marathon 11/2005
Smelt Run 2004    
Adidas Vancouver Marathon 5/2005


*Personal Record