Our Wedding

July 20, 1985

Weren't we cute?
We got married at 2:00 on July 20, 1985. Roy was 19. I was 20. Yes, we were VERY young, but we'd known each other since the 5th grade, we'd been good friends since junior high, held mutual crushes since 8th grade, and started dating in high school. It was meant to be! I think my favorite part of the wedding photos is that somehow, the photographer didn't notice the great big garbage can in the background of many of the pictures! Ah, good times!



Roy and Tory



thank you gift


Engagement Photo

Walking down the aisle

Roy before leaving home

Engagement Photo 2

Roy and Tory with Tory's Parents

Tory and Maid of Honor Kathy

Leaving for the Honeymoon

Roy makes a handsome groom

Blushing bride

Handsome groom

Tory ready to walk the aisle

Roy and his best man, brother Bob

Engagement Photo 4

Honeymoon-Us together on the Space Needle

Engagement Photo 5

Engagement Photo 6

Honeymoon-Greenlake Bite of Seattle

Roy carrying up wedding gifts



Tory and her mom getting ready for the wedding

Roy and his mom getting ready for the wedding

The Toast

Us with Roy's parents

Wedding Party


Engagement Photo 3

Roy leaving for the wedding