We went to Disneyland for a month in the summer of 2003. Most of these pictures are from that trip. It was my "recovery trip" celebrating the demise of Hank and that I was feeling so much better. We visited the mouse for a few weeks, then went to see the family.

Roy on Autopia

Tory with her favorite drink

Summer 2002 Fun Run

Tory being silly on the California Screamin' Coaster

California Screamin' Roy is afraid to go. Hee hee.

Isn't Roy cute?

Just off the train after vacation

At the Pirates of the Caribbean Event

Roy and Hopper at DCA

Roy on the red carpet

Roy with pirate car

Roy, Pooh, Tory

Roy, Tigger, Tory and Eeyore

This bike is about Roy's size

Tory and ATV 2

Tory and ATV

Tory and dogs 3

Tory and Lauren

Tory and Pirates props

Tory and Roy in Paradise Pier Hotel

Tory at El Capitan

Tory in New Orleans Square

Tory on Screamin'

Tory training dogs

Tory with Lauren and Jack

Tory, Roy, and Goofy

Tory, Roy, and Mickey

Tory, Roy, and Minnie