Martin Family Reunion 2004

Medford, Oregon

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Bears in Grants Pass. There were bears all over GP. These were in front of a Vet's office

The birthday boys! Don, Arnie, and Lori looking on

Yes, I do believe they are crazy.

Kim, Tory, Don, Dan, Keith, and Arnie

Creek in Ashland, Or. It was a beautiful day!

We stopped by a restaurant to get a drink in Ashland.

Arnie cutting the cake.

Dancers in the Green

Still dancing.

Birthday Brothers Clowning Around

Posing for pictures. We never seem to be looking in the same direction at the same time.

Tory, Sonya, Dan, and Kim in Ashland

High Fives for the Birthday Brothers

Tory with a "prop" from Aunt Virginia.

Still posing for yet more pictures.

Kim, Tory, Don, Dan, Keith, and Arnie again

This is a rather disturbing picture...

Family resemblence is big in this picture!

Roy was my caddy in Ashland

How did I end up in this picture?

Tory, Kim, and Dan at Marc and Shawn's

On our way home! We had a great time.

We drove to Medford in mid June to celebrate Don's 70th and Arnie's 72nd birthdays and to have a family reunion. The festivities were held at Marc and Shawn's house in Medford. We also spent a day at the Ashland Shakespeare Festival and saw two plays; Much Ado About Nothing and Royal Family.

We had a wonderful time!