These pictures were taken from about 1997 through 2002

1999-2000 1020

Valentines 2002 we'd just started WWers

Disneyland 2000

Disneyland 2000

Roy's birthday 2001

1999-2000 131

Christmas 1998

Christmas 1999

Disneyworld (um, I photoshopped off my tummy in this picture)

Being mauled by Pluto

1999-2000 342

Eek! A mouse!

...I photoshopped off my tummy in this one too

I kinda like this picture

Christmas 2000

1999-2000 371



That poor wonder he's screaming

He's always been hot stuff to me

1999-2000 492

Tory in 1999

On the train

1999-2000 609

This horrible thing lived in our livingroom for a few years

1999-2000 886

LA Zoo in 2000

LA Zoo

911 Tulips

Disneyland Jan 2000

Esther and Tory getting electrified

Fat Tory reading

Fat Tory

New Years Eve 1999

New Years Eve 1999b

NYE 2000


Queen Mary


Tory and Jack 4-02 b

Tory and Jack 4-02

Tory and Ryan on Roger Rabbit

Tory and Ryan on Splash Mt

Tory in Tulips again

Tory Mickey Roy

Tory reading 12-01

tory smiling


Two fat people, Ryan, and Mickey

Us in Disneyland with Roy