Our Disney Home

This was our old house...we have a new one now, but still lots of Disney!

Yeah, we're geeks

This table was painted by my husband, Roy.

Long shot...yeah, really bright yellow, huh?

Side shot of the table.

Close up of the top of the table. Roy drew it free-hand.

Top of table and bench.

Lots of Disney CDs and a bearded dragon. You can't see the carousel from Disney California Adventure on top

It's almost Halloween so we have our Halloween stuff up. It's normally not so crowded.

The tanks have snakes in them. Note Pooh lounging on the sub-woofer.

Had to show my VERY cool computer I built. You can see old Disneyland ride posters behind it.

We got the old fashioned ride posters at Disneyland this summer.

Another kitchen shot with lot's o' Disney stuff. Kitchen is Tea and Disney.

Shot of the cabinets with tea wallies.

Note the Disney teapot in the cabinet.

Roy redecorated the bathroom while I was in the hospital. Yeah, I know...he's a keeper.

Nemo characters and our Mickey clock. Funky wall color huh? Roy's chosen the colors in all the rooms.

It's a REALLY small bathroom, but he had fun with it. He knew it would make me happy.

We have a "Disney" room. It's in a state of flux right now, but we're working on it.

More of our Disney collection. When we get some time we're going to make this a game room with a Disney theme.

Hope you enjoyed a small glimpse of my funky house!