FITP vs FBLA Bowling Party

March 27, 2004

Strawberry Lanes in Marysville

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Mr. K made the cakes

Mickey Cake!

Putting on the finishing touches

Minnie Cake

Chloe came to visit us too and brought flowers

Wow, did Matt just get three gutter balls in a row?

Yeah, I think he did...that's gotta be a record

Legolas came with Mikey, Alyssa and Schwab

Mrs. K and her new best friend

Bowling Demons

Schwab does his magic pizza trick while Nathan sends evil vibes to the FBLA team

Check out that form!!

Mrs. K gets ready to bowl her 10th strike in a row. (Shh)

Someone call the fire marshall!

Fortunately in the event of a power outage, we could light Marysville with those candles

21 years old today! (shaddup)

Thanks everyone for making a great day

Mrs. K concentrating on her bowling strategy

Flowers that Mr. K gave her for her birthday

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