Tea Party

Happy 20th Anniversary

Tory and Roy Klementsen

July 20, 2005

July 20, 2005 was our 20th Wedding Anniversary. Roy decided that we needed to renew our vows in style! He got together with my brother Craig who recruited my sisters (Kendra and Tammy) and my Mom to throw us the wildest tea party in the world!

We got to Craig's house at 1:45 and rang the bell. He lives in a really great house in Hollywood with an 8 foot tall "fence" of stone covered by ivy and ficus and a big wooden security door so we had to stand outside until someone would let us in. They weren't quite ready, so we were standing outside in about 95 degree heat in our pretty clothes just melting! My Dad opened the door and everyone yelled at him so he slammed it and got all cranky. Ah well!

We could hear quiet Disney music playing in the backyard. It was taking awhile so we tried to find shade to stand in. Finally Richie, Craig's partner, opened the door and ushered us in.

There was a white "carpet" and at the end of the carpet stood Alice, The White Rabbit, The Queen of Hearts, Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum, and the Mad Hatter! All of our nieces and nephews were dressed up as the cast of Alice in Wonderland! Everyone else was dressed all pretty.

To the left was a long table with a selection of wonderfully mismatched chairs all around it (just like in the movie). There was a pair of crowns for Roy and I and other hats, including this cute "clock" hat that had the clock set to 2:00, the time we got married. There were big vases of beautiful flowers, and a bunch of little tea cups and demitasse cups with flowers in them. The planters all had flowers done just like Disneyland (Craig had found out what flowers they are using right now). Under the table was a beautiful rug and in the trees were paper lanterns and big butterflies. It was magical!

We greeted everyone and gave everyone hugs and kisses. Craig told us that we were going to say our vows to each other because he hadn't been able to get anyone to officiate. That was the only thing that was slightly disappointing because the renewal stuff was pretty important to us.

We got married on the hottest day of the year and this year was no different! It was seriously easy bake oven time! Fortunately they had a big umbrella over the table to provide some shade. Since we were melting, iced tea and lemonade was poured while the kids kept changing around place tags. Everyone wanted the head of the table!

For some reason we all ended up sitting down and not doing the exchange of vows. The first course was cranberry scones with jams, lemon curd, and different rapidly melting butters. After the scones everyone went around the table and said a few words to us. Richie gave Roy "props" for putting up with our crazy family for 20 years, but told him he was bitter that he didn't warn him earlier! Hahaha! Even the kids said stuff, except Kanoe who normally can't keep his yap shut, but this time was speechless.

Second course was a selection of finger sandwiches; egg salad, cucumber, turkey and marionberry cream cheese, and roast beef. They were all made on those little pieces of bread and looked really cute and festive. Thank goodness they made lots of tea and lemonade! It was still REALLY hot!

The final course was a selection of the most amazing pastries! There were chocolate dipped macaroons, eclairs, lemon pastries, hand made marshmallows, cookies, cakes, etc. I had four things and man oh man were they good!

After that we just talked a lot and had a really really nice time. I was so touched at how much time and effort everyone put into the party! It was so beautiful and like our wedding 20 years ago, was definitely a family affair!

Click on the pictures below to see full sized pics. All these pictures were taken by Kendra. There will be more to come!

Craig and Tory checking things out

Craig orchestrates the party

Is the Dormouse sleeping under those flowers?

Jack was the cranky Mad Hatter

Keala is the Queen of Hearts

Lanterns in the trees

Lauren is Alice

Look at that spread

Maile is the White Rabbit

Perfectly cast party

Richie ushers us in

Royalty and their court

Ryan is Tweedle Dum and Kanoe is Tweedle Dee

Shane and Oscar calling the shots

The entire cast

They grow the butterflies BIG here!

Tory is thrilled with the party!

two o'clock-That's what time we got married

Us with Mom and Dad

Very happy couple

What a beautiful family

What a beautiful Table

Wow Look at the Spread