Times Square on New Years Eve

What the hell were we thinking? Please explain this to me? Why would we intentionally stand out in the cold with one million (yes MILLION) of our closest friends; with no bathroom; with no food or water; without being able to hear any of the festivities; with apparently nothing resembling sanity for SIX hours just to say "ten...nine...eight...seven...six...five...four...three...two...one...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Why? Why did we do this?

An experience of a lifetime that I only want to experience ONCE in my lifetime



Happy NEw Year with confetti

Happy New Year with Fireworks

Happy New Year!!!

Hour five and we're still in Times Square We can't hear anything and all we can see is this, but we're here

It was unseasonably warm for NYC but we were still pretty darn cold

Midnight at last I was so glad While it was interesting for about ten minutes, NYE in Times Square is pretty darn overrated

New Years Eve 2003

One of the 1200 police officers in Times Square on NYE

Roy is freezing and is beginning to wonder if this is all worth it

Still a happy new year

The ball is lit

The ball is still lit

This guy nearly lost his life over this sign, but at least it was something to pass the time

Tory on New Years Eve before she lost her sense of humor

We spent six hours looking at these signs

When you're standing in one place for six hours you take a lot of pictures of the same old thing

Withing ten minutes of this shot we were soaking in a hot tub in our hotel room saying -never again-
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