Rockefeller Center

Early Saturday morning we got up and headed to Rockefeller Center to go ice skating! Actually we started out at the Today Show but I couldn't see anything ('cause I'm so short) so we decided to go ice skating.

I had a blast! A year ago I had just learned that I was going to have surgery for Hank. Nine months ago I was lying in a hospital bed. Last time I skated I could only go around twice because I was so fat. Now here I was skating for an hour and a half and feeling SO good.

Roy took tons of pictures as an excuse not to skate, the wiener.

Another shot of evening skaters

Beautiful shot of the tree and skaters

Beautiful winter night in Rockefeller Center

Christmas tree

Early Saturday morning we went to Rockefeller Center to ice skate

Evening skaters in Rock Center

Everything was all pretty for the holidays

Fountain in Rockefeller Center

Good thing Tanya Harding wasn't around

Hey I could get used to this! It's FUN!

I tried to get the entire building in the shot but it was just too tall

It's a beautiful building

Poor boy about did the splits

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Naked Angel Type Guy

Roy and a band member in Rockefeller Center right before band camp

Roy skated for a little while and then took pictures

Roy taking a break from skating

Roy watches the skaters on Friday evening

Skaters in Rockefeller Center


Skating in Rockefeller Center

Someday Roy will learn how to focus the camera on the subject not the background - until then we have a hundred blurry shots of Tory

St Patrick's Cathedral across from Rockefeller Center - it was beautiful

The lights of New York were most beautiful here

Tory actually never fell during the entire hour and a half she skated - Roy on the hand---

Tory and Roy in Rockefeller Center

Tory and Roy together right before we went down to skate

Tory grinning - I was so thrilled to be skating in NYC on a beautiful day with the new year stretched before me full of promise

Tory in the promenade

Tory is really going now

Tory is still getting her bearings

Tory right before doing a triple toe loop and double axel

Tory showing off some fancy foot work

Tory skating again - Roy took pictures as an excuse not to have to skate - he did not enjoy it

Tory skating in the crowd wondering where she lost Roy

Tory still in the promenade

Tory taking a break during skating

Tory's getting better

What a beautiful night
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