Broadway Plays

By far the BEST part of our trip!

We saw four plays while in New York City! Our original reason for going was to see The Producers with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. While we were there, though, we picked up tickets to three other plays:

  • The Boy from Oz
      The story of the life of composer, singer, and songwriter Peter Allen. Hugh Jackman played the leading role and was absolutely fantastic.
  • Hairspray
      A musical adaptation of the John Waters movie of the same name. This is a FUN play and I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance. Harvey Fierstein was hilarious as the mother
  • Little Shop of Horrors
      This was AWESOME! We got back row tickets, but who cares? The acting and singing were incredible and the puppetry outstanding

If we'd had more time I would have loved to have seen even MORE plays!

After the play Hugh Jackman came out to sign autographs He was a very nice man

Autograph Hounds after The Producers

Hairspray after the play - a fun play - I highly recommend it

Hairspray is a sell out but we got lottery tickets - back row, but it was worth it

Little Shop of Horrors showing in the Virginia Theater - a rather small theater

Little Shop of Horrors was the third play we saw - It was wonderful

Matthew Broderick signed autographs after the show

Nathan Lane graciously signed autographs after the show

Nathan Lane signing autographs-we each got a window card and got both of their autographs

Our first Broadway play

People started lining up early hoping to get standing room only seats this show has been sold out for months

PJ Woodhouse played young Peter Allen in The Boy from Oz and did an outstanding job

Roy the day before we saw The Producers

St James Theater before the show

Sublimely ridiculous is an apt description of this wonderful play

The St James Theater is where the first B'way Musical was ever held -Oklahoma-

The St James Theater the day before we saw the play

This is the first play we saw on Wednesday-The life of Peter Allen It was very god

This was truly the experience of a lifetime for both of us

Tory and Roy after seeing The Producers with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick

Tory in our tiny hotel room before The Producers but without her glasses

Tory in our tiny hotel room before The Producers

When both of them were out on stage I couldn't help but whisper to Roy -Timon and Simba in the flesh!
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