Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

On Saturday January 3 we hopped on the subway and headed out to Battery Park. From there we took a ferry over to Liberty Island and then on to Ellis Island. The Statue of Liberty was closed during this trip, but you could still walk around the Island and take pictures and (of course) buy souveniers.

It was a foggy, cloudy, grey day but it was still relatively warm and we had a great time reliving the history of Ellis Island and standing in the "shadow of Liberty".

A shot across the Registration Room

Are any of these Connels related to me

Bertholdi, the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty

Ellis Island from Liberty Island

Ellis Island main building entrance

Ferry over to the island

Ferry with Lady Liberty in the distance

Flag sculpture in Ellis Island

Imagine seeing this for the first time from a boat as you enter the promise land

Immigrants were all given a literacy test they read in their own language All but the Hindi one were Bible verses

Immigrants were seen by doctors and given chalk marks on their clothing to indicate any health problems they might have

Lady 2

Lady on a Winter day


Liberty from the boat

Manhatten Skyline from Ellis Island


Many families came through Ellis Island to meet up with fathers and husbands who had come before

Roy felt that I should be deported along with these poor fellows who did not make it to the USA

Roy in Liberty Park

Roy on boat

Roy with freedom in the background

Sculpture on Liberty Island

Shot of Lady Liberty from the boat

Shot of Roy's nostrils on the boat

The Registration room at Ellis Island-Thousands of immigrants passed through this room

This baby was born and died on Ellis Island 44 years before I was born

This boat helped during the WTC bombings

Too bad it was so foggy

Tory and Lady Liberty it was cold that day

Tory and Lady Liberty

Tory at Ellis Island

Tory enjoying a display in Ellis Island

When immigrants arrived there were maps to show them what trains to take to their final destination

Women arriving to Ellis Island were offered makeovers before they met their husbands
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