Our 2004 Trip to New York City

In January of 2003 we went and saw Mel Brooks' play "The Producers" in Seattle. We both agreed it was, by far, our favorite musical comedy play. We saw it again in LA in July of 2003 and we swore if Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick ever resurrected their roles on Broadway, we'd go.

Imagine my surprise when one day Roy told me they HAD decided to go back for a two month tour! We giddily decided to throw caution to the wind and just go for it...book a trip to New York! We'd never been before and we'd certainly never been in Winter, but if there is one thing we've learned over the last year it is to take advantage of the time you have while you have it.

We visited New York City from December 30-January 4. We had a short stay in Minneapolis on the way home when our flight was cancelled and we were stuck there overnight. It was -23 degrees! What the HELL? Who can live in weather like that?

Below are some pictures from our trip. At the bottom of the page are links to more pictures. Enjoy!!

Amsterdam Theater showing The Lion King We've seen it three times, but not on NYC

Battery Park Mounted Police.

Battery Park the sculpture in the distance was at the WTC and was damaged in the attacks.

Blurry Tory in Trump Tower.

Bryant Park.

CBS Studios.

Chrysler Building.

Damn it Roy!!

Ellen's Stargazer Diner in Time's Square.

Ellen's Stargazer Diner-Performer.

Ellen's Stargazer Diner-Roy Stargazing.

FAO Clock.

FAO Piano It no longer works.

FAO-Roy and Darth.

FAO-Roy at his favorite toy store.

Gosh, we thought the statue would be bigger.

Grand Central at night.

Grand Central Oyster Bar workers on strike.

Grand Central stands firm while traffic races by.

Grand Central Terminal in red.

Grand Central Terminal.

Grand Central Watercolor.

Grand Central-a rare shot of a man asking for directions.

Lord and Taylor-Shopping anyone.

Minneapolis-Brrrr it's COLD.

Minneapolis-Even in the hotel room it was freezing.

NBC Studios-Roy wanted to eat at the Rainbow Room.

NYC City Street Shot.

NYC Cow Sculpture.

NYC Public Library and some guy's stupid head.

NYC Public Library Roy with lion friend.

NYC Public Library where Ghostbusters starts.

NYC Skyscraper.

NYC Street.

Oh thank goodness, a Starbucks.

Pershing Square across from Grand Central Station.

Radio City Decorations.

Rockerfeller Center Decorations.

Roy being FAO-crushed by an At At.

St Patrick's Cathedral Interior.

St Patrick's Cathedral Window.

St Patrick's Cathedral

St Patrick's Interior

Stature of Atlas at Rockerfeller Center

Street Vendor

Subway watercolor

Subway-heading to Battery Park.

Subway-Here it comes.

Subway-Waiting for the subway to Battery Park

Taxi anyone

Them's Big Balls

Tory at the Plaza.

Tory in Marriot 2

Tory in Marriot Hotel

Trump Tower

WTC Mock up

WTC-It's hard to imagine the devastation.

WTC-The World Trade Center is being cleared out and readied for rebuilding

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