The Empire State Building

The Tallest Building in New York City

Friday afternoon we decided to take the trip up 86 floors to the top of the Empire State Building. Well when we got there the line was over two hours long! We decided to cut it short and take the Skyride first, a "simulator" ride that takes you through the top places to visit in NYC. Why? Because if you bought a combination ticket you could bypass the two hour wait for the trip up to the top of the building.

Well we still had to wait quite awhile and the skyride was lame. But we were smart. We went out to eat after the skyride and then came back early Saturday morning. That's by far the best time to visit. If you plan to go, buy your tickets online at their official website and save yourself the hassle of standing in line. Get there early and you'll save a lot of time and see it in a much more pleasant setting.

It was cloudy and grey that day, but it was January so what do you expect? It was still really cool. I'd say a little overrated, but still something you have to do when you visit NYC. I'd love to do it again on a clear sunny day.

A very foggy day

Another shot of Macys

Beautiful architecture

Empire State Building 2

Empire State Building at Night

Empire State Building

Ground shot of the Empire State Building

I believe that is Bryant Park down there

It's a long way down

It's cold but we're having a good time

Lobby Entrance


Manhatten from the top of the Empire State Building

NYC is a beautiful place

Roy does some quick calculations

Scene from the top

Shot of the television tower

Sign on the outside of the building

Standing in line for the NYC Skyride, which was very lame but got us through two hours faster than if we'd just waited for Empire State tickets

The city looks immense from up here

Tory freezing in the wind on a cold January day
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