Central Park

An oasis in the middle of one of the biggest, busiest cities on earth

On New Years Day we decided to take a Gray Line Tour of the City. For $50 you can take a hop on hop off tour and use the ticket for 48 hours. We decided this might be a great way to get around.

Unfortunately when we got to the ticket booth they were closed. Personally, I was thrilled. I prefer to see a new place on my feet. I feel I can get more of a sense of what it's like from my own perspective. So we started walking and found ourselves in Central Park.

Central Park is 50 blocks from one end to the other and we walked about halfway around the entire park. Next time I want to do the whole thing. It was a gorgeous day. You couldn't have ordered up better weather from a menu! The sun was shining, it was crisp and chilly, but not cold. People were out enjoying the park with their pets and families. It was an awesome start to the new year.

Anyone up for a game of chess

Beautiful winter day

Bethesda Foutain

Carousel in Central Park-Roy

Carousel in Central Park-Tory riding

Carousel in Central Park-Tory

Central Park Watercolor 2

Central Park Watercolor


Feeding the birds in the park

Handsome cab

Handsome Cabs in the midst of the city

Handsome cabs making their way through the park

I believe this is the great lawn

Is this my prince charming

Looking towards the Plaza

Near Tavern on the Green

Park wildlife at the chess and checkers place

Roy who went up a hill

Seagull coming in for a landing



Sir Walter Scott

Skating rink in Central Park

Such peace in the middle of the city

Tory in Central Park

Tory's still in Central Park

Which car is mine? The Plaza Hotel on Central Park
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