Goddai Groovin' in Galveston

Wild Women Weekend 2005


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A shot of the deck where we spent hours talking.jpg

Amber is one of us.jpg

Best friends.jpg

Big yawn.jpg

Chatting at Joe's.jpg

Chef Angie.jpg

Congenital Twin Shots Down!.jpg

Congenital Twin Shots.jpg

Eden reflects on how much this weekend means to her.jpg

Elizabeth walking on the beach.jpg

Everyone loves Kate.jpg

Group hug.jpg

I don't know what Misty just said, but it must have been hella funny.jpg

I think Poppy just goosed Denise!.jpg

It won't be long before the shirt is off.jpg

Jex let's Poppy in on one of his wry little jokes.jpg

Jex takes a gander at the pretty Elizabeth.jpg

Leslie and Elizabeth hamming in the kitchen.jpg

Leslie tells one of her great stories.jpg

Sheila and Angie share a private moment.jpg

Sheila looks pensive.jpg

Tastes like chicken too!.jpg

Tastes like chicken.jpg

The ladies who laugh.jpg

This cigar-it's like buttah.jpg

Time for Denise to go to her happy place.jpg

We found this shell occupied so took a picture and left him to live on.jpg

We found this shell too, also occupied.jpg

Wendy Poppy and Kate kicking back on the couch.jpg

Wendy's amaretto cheesecake.jpg

Y M C A.jpg


Yonnie and Wendy Getting Down with Them Bad Selves.jpg

Yup, they're real all right.jpg

Yup, they're real too!.jpg

Zat's all folks.jpg