2006 In Pictures

Most of what we did is right here!

Gardening Roy

Roy and Stitch

Tory is buff

Tory Photo Spot

21st Anniversary 006

21st Anniversary 014

21st Anniversary 018

21st Anniversary 019

Aug 2006 003

Aug 2006 005

Bellevue Botanical Gardens 004

Bellevue Botanical Gardens 005

Bellevue Botanical Gardens 014

Building the Fence 017

Building the Fence 019

Canoe Trip 001

Canoe Trip 002

Canoe Trip 003

Canoe Trip 004_edited

Canoe Trip 019

Chip and Dale








Hanging out at home 004

Hanging out at home 005

Roy is surprised to be decorating the tree.psd


Portland Marathon Packet Pickup

Seafair Half Marathon 002

Seafair Half Marathon 004

Seafair Half Marathon 005

Snow Day Nov 27 001

Snow Day Nov 27 008


Portland Marathon Ready to Go!

Tory at Expo

Tory gets her shirt

Tory getting ready

Tree Trimming 2006

Salt Lake City Marathon

Salt Lake Marathon Feeling Fine

Salt Lake Marathon Finish

Woodland Park Zoo Tory and Friend

Woodland Park Zoo Roy's a worm

Portland Marathon Mile 12 What a Wonderful Sight!

Woodland Park Zoo Budgie Room

Portland Marathon Before the Start

Portland Marathon Sushi Dinner

Portland Marathon All Done!

Portland Marathon Late Dinner Night Before

Gardening Tory plants a lilac

Gardening Tory Plants a Rose

Disneyland-Roy taking video

Tory in front of Disneyland Roses

Tory and Roy in Disneyland

Roy at the Buzz Blaster

Tory in Golden Horseshoe

Roy falling asleep in Golden Horeshoe

Roy waking up in Golden Horseshoe

Gingerbread House Decorating

Portland Marathon Getting Ready

Portland Marathon Chip Check

Portland Marathon Almost-done

Portland Marathon Finish-line

Salt Lake City Marathon Mile 13 calling Roy

Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo 058

Woodland Park Zoo feeding the budgies

Woodland Park Zoo Roy

Portland Marathon The-last-kick

Portland Marathon St-Johns-Bridge

Portland Marathon runner-girl

Portland Marathon Rose.psd

Portland Marathon Race number.psd

Gingerbread Bad Dog