2004 Was a VERY Good Year

These are pictures from 2004 with a few from 2005 snuck in for flavor

(the balloon ones are from my 40th birthday)

10-1 Tory suiting up

10-2 Ready to climb

10-3-Tory starting the climb

10-4-Climbing the rock wall

10-5-Rock wall 2

10-6 Tory on rock wall

10-7 Almost at the top

10-8 Rapelling down the wall

10-Birthday Roy


10-In line at Coldstone


10-Presents at Todai

10-Roy in Leavenworth

10-Tory with Horse

11-After the marathon

11-Beautiful day for a marathon

11-Checking email the night before

11-Early morning Seattle at the beginning of the marathon

11-Enjoying Seattle after the Expo

11-Expo 2


11-Lonely stretch of road

11-Preparing breakfast before the race

11-Roy carbo loading

11-Roy eating breakfast before race

11-Roy is tired after 13 miles

11-Roy Refueling at Todai after the Marathon

11-Roy relaxing the night before the race

11-Roy with Pegasus



11-Running man

11-Running through the arboretum

11-Seattle reflections


11-Starting line

11-Sushi after the marathon

11-The finish line

11-Tory at Expo

11-Tory carbo loading

11-Tory running along

11-Tory shivering before the race





11-Warming up after

11-We did it

11-We're off

11-We're ready to run

12-25-Jack looks overwhelmed

12-25-Maille and Lauren

12-25-packing up after Christmas

12-25-packing up after Christmas2

12-25-Roy and Ryan

12-Before Peter Pan at Westlake

12-Figgy Pudding Singers

12-HOB breakfast


12-House of Blues show

12-Mom singing at HOB

12-Roy at House of Blues

12-Roy eating sabu sabu

12-Spongebob making me gay

12-Tory at HOB

12-Tory outside Peter Pan

12-Us with Cathy Rigby





7-Boats surrounding whales

7-Carrier in Everett

7-Deception Pass Bridge

7-Roy on Whale Watching Cruise

7-Tory on whale cruise

7-Tory on whale watching cruise

7-Whale watching boat

8-Gay pride parade

8-Getting ready to go

8-Horsing around at one of the spots

8-More parade

8-Race is over

8-Roy checking the map

9-waving dogs

9-Wet training run

Mom at HOB