I started maintenance on December 15, 2002 and I've been at goal or below for a year now! I started keeping a weekly log, then every now and again log about maintenance. 

I've stayed at goal because I have stayed with Weight Watchers completely. There has been no off program, no "Oh I think I can do this on my own" (because if I could, I never would have been 100 pounds overweight). I keep journaling every day, even on vacations. I exercise every day that I can (generally 6 days a week). I figure if it worked to lose the weight, it will work to keep the weight off.

Week on Maintenance Point Range Weight Gain/Loss Thoughts on week



First WI 12/21/02

I'm kind of scared I'll gain. I want to be at goal when I visit my family. I mean not like they would notice 1 or 2 pounds, but it's a psychological thing, you know?



Lost 2 

Current Weight: 128

I was thrilled to lose two pounds with Christmas coming up! I kind of like the idea of going down to 125, but I'm not pushing it.




Spent New Years Eve with the family and ate more than I'd planned. I ate into my bank that day, which was fine. I didn't go hog wild or anything. I was also visiting family which makes things more difficult. Fortunately I was staying with my brother so was able to eat light and work out every day.



Lost 1

Current Weight: 127

My goal for the two week vacation was to come back no more than 130 pounds. Well yeehaw, I actually managed to lose a pound! I'm thinking of dropping back my points next week to see if I'll go down to 126.

I was quite happy to see a loss after spending a week in Disneyland with very limited choices where it was hard to really know how many points I was eating.



Lost 1 

Current Weight 126

Had a good week and did not succumb to stress eating. I would go up a few points, but with surgery coming up I want to have a cushion. Besides, I'm toying with the idea of going down to 120-122.

22-27 seems like a lot of food and I'm finding myself with up to 8 points after dinner to eat. That's kind of fun, but I'm trying to add a few points to lunch and dinner so I'm not packing on a great deal of points before bed. I don't believe that night eating makes you fat...that's a wive's tale. But I still want to balance them out during the day a little more.



Lost 1 

Current Weight 125

Good week on program. Next week is the surgery and after that if I'm at this weight I'm going to add two points to my range. I still like the idea of 122, but I don't know how reasonable that is with my frame.

I exercised like a madwoman this week in preparation for the time off. I'm just so afraid I'll lose my  habit of working out every day.


24-29 but didn't eat within that range

Lost 1 

Current Weight 124

Had the surgery this week and even though I upped my points, I didn't eat even remotely within them. I had three days of no food, then a liquid diet, and still can't eat much.


24-29 but didn't eat within that range most days

Lost 4! 

Current Weight 120

Wowsa! I'm not sure I'll stay at 120, but it does officially put me above a 100 pound weight loss! Wahoo!

The interesting thing is, I came home and was up 2 pounds and 3 days later, down to 120 so lost 6 pounds in 3 days. It was actually kind of shocking.

I'm going to find a range somewhere between 120 and 125 that makes me happy.



Lost 0 

Current Weight 120

Pretty good week. I felt a lot better and my appetite is back! I'm really glad to be feeling better.



Gained 1 

Current Weight 121

Stayed OP all week and exercised every day except Sunday (due to being gone all day). I'm not worried about the gain because I knew I'd gain some back after the quick loss.

September 6, 2003

Flex Point Target=30

Last weigh in: 113

Gained 1 from last week

Somehow I lost all the information from the last 15 weeks or so, so I'll start here. Things have been going quite well.

After my third surgery I weighed only 106 pounds according to our scale (which I think is about 4 pounds heavy). The first week I ate with wanton abandon in an effort to gain the weight back. I didn't like that. I felt completely out of control, even though I honestly wasn't eating much.

The next week I put myself on 40-45 points to gain weight. I've gained 7 pounds since then. I actually generally hang out around 115 or so, but I had the flu for three days a week ago causing me to drop 3 pounds.

I have now set my flex point target to 30 because I am currently walking the picket line every day, earning up to 15 APs a day...maybe I should be eating more. Hmm, we'll see.

I'm still working out every day. I do Curves in the morning and the YMCA after work.

November 1, 2003


Flex Point Target=25


Last week: 114

This week: 113

Lost 1 pound

Okay I am a bad, bad person. I have not kept up on my weekly maintenance posts very well, have I?

I've done just fine, though. I was up as high as 116 the week we finished our strike. I'm not sure why. I dropped my points down to 15 the next week and lost two of those pounds. Then lost another this week.

I'm back to training for the triathlon. With all the walking during our SEVEN WEEK strike I decided to let that go for awhile. I've started running at least a mile two or three times a week, and biking. Swimming will come as soon as I can fit lessons into my schedule. I found someone to help me look like I'm executing a swimming stroke, and not HAVING a stroke.

In short, it's all good. Maintenance is continuing to go well.

November 21, 2003


Flex Point Target=26


Last week: 115

This week: 115


Doing just fine here in happyland! When I went up to 27 points I gained three pounds in two weeks, so I went down to 26 hoping to hit and maintain at 115. So far so good. We'll see how it goes.

I was sick this week so only did Curves two of the days, no weight lifting, running or biking. I'm up to 12 miles of biking every other day and 2 miles of running on alternate days. A toe infection has stopped the running until it's better. Stupid thing hurt so bad I couldn't even sleep one night...over a silly little toe! Bah!

Lifting is going well. I'm getting great arm definition. The running and biking is doing wonderful things for my legs. I still haven't started swimming, but I will. Someday.

January 6, 2004 Flex Point Target=30  

Last week: 115

This week: 117

Gained 2

We rang in the new year in New York City! For the trip I upped my points by five since I knew we'd be walking nonstop. I weighed in this morning, the day after arriving home, to find I returned with two extra pounds of baggage. Oh well. Back down to 25 points and back to the gym. It could be anything from actually gaining two pounds of fat, to water weight so I'm not stressing.

I stayed completely on points the entire time while in NYC so I know that it probably is just a blip and it'll be back down by next week, I'm sure.

Back to Curves and the Y this week! Tri training is going swimmingly and I couldn't be happier with where I'm at in the first week of 2004!

January 10, 2004 Flex Point Target=25  

Last week: 117

This week: 116

Lost 1


Back in business and ain't it grand? While it isn't that big of a deal that I gained two last week it was nice to see one gone. Unfortunately this week I have had back problems so my workouts have been rather limited. I'm hoping this works itself out soon because I hate it when I'm all gung ho on a new goal (to do a combination of running and biking two to three times a week) and it's thwarted by something. 
February 1, 2004 Flex Point Target=25  

Last week: 116

This week: 116



Workouts are going great! I've hit the 4 mile mark in my running, although I don't run that far every run. I do run at least 3.5 miles, though. Still doing the biking/running thing. At least once a week I get the combo in.

Eating is going fine. Still staying on points. The one challenge is not to get those little "sneaks" in. I can't seem to get through Costco without those samples, however I am trying to be sure to journal them all.

April 5, 2004 Flex Point Target=25  

Last week: 117

This week: 117


Interesting couple of weeks recently. Suddenly I've been wavering substantially in my weigh ins. I'm not sure why. I started journaling on Fitday (you can use their website or buy their program which is a steal for $19.95). I find that according to this program I am burning substantially more calories per day than I am eating.

So I've started to try to mix up my points a little more. I have been working out substantially more than when I first started maintenance, but I haven't really increased my points. The scary thing is, I am seeing gains! But they're up one day, down the next, up a LOT the next day. Normally I'm not a scale hopper, but with my increased points I want to keep an eyeball on things.  It honestly makes me nervous when I see a gain.

The curious thing is, I weigh more in the morning than in the afternoon. Now that is bizarre! For example this morning I weighed in at 119. This afternoon I was 117.4. <???> Who knows...my body is strange. The key is, I know I'm doing everything right so I just have to believe that and keep on keeping on!

January 16, 2005

Flex Point Target=28

Last week: 118.2

This week: 118.2

Okay I'm bad...it's been awhile since I've updated! I've been staying between 114-116 for the last year until the last four weeks. Suddenly I put on a few pounds that I can't shake! I've become a serious scale hopper.

What helped was coming here and reading that I was going through the same thing at other points.

I have evaluated my caloric intake vs output and I'm burning more calories than I eat. I have increased my exercise to some extent, by about 200 calories (on average) per day. I've tried reducing my points, but I gained a pound (from 117 to 118). I might try increasing.

At least I've kept it off! I am very proud that I've hit year two of being at or below my goal weight! Personally, I think that's outstanding.

April 16, 2005 Flex Point Target=30

Last week: 118.2

This week: 117.4

I guess my body has decided it needs to be 3 pounds more than I'd hoped. I do hear that people training for marathons gain about 5 pounds due to all the heavy duty running, so I'm really hoping that is what it is.

I'm still evaluating my caloric intake vs output and I'm still in a calorie deficit...in fact an even higher one than before. Who know! Pffft!

May 7, 2005

Flex Point Target=25

Last week: 118.8

This week: 116.4 (woo)

Dropped down in points because last week was the marathon and I am not running as much this week. Apparently it did the trick! I'd really like to be back at 115.

August 14, 2005

Flex Point Target=30

Last week: 116.4

This week: 117

I'm up, I'm down, but oh well. I'm okay with it as long as I know what I'm doing is right by my body. I did see 115.4 last week, but it wasn't an "official" weigh in day. I'd still really like to be back at 115, but I realize now that I wasn't carrying as much muscle mass at 115 as I am now. (And no, that's not just an excuse.)

November 5, 2005


This week: 119.2

Last week: 119.6


Still doing the up and down thing. I gained when I trained for my last marathon, so I'm thinking it must be that. I tried on my skinny jeans last night and they were snug, but fit. (They are REALLY skinny jeans, too...size 0.)

I'm trying not to get down on myself about it because I am exercising twice a day, eating within points every day, and counting everything.

November 12, 2005


Last week: 119.2

This week: 119.8


What the HECK? I drop points and gain weight. I am really struggling with NOT getting upset about this. It's very demoralizing.

On top of that I have some sort of ankle injury that may very well keep me from the marathons. Sigh.

February 4, 2006


Last week: 122

This week: 121.6

I've been dealing with unexplained weight gain, although my clothes all fit the same. I tried two weeks of dropping points dramatically (to 20, with the option of eating a few APs) to see if it would shake things up.

Next week I plan to go back to my normal points and see what happens.

July 10, 2006






I have changed from Flexpoints to core in an effort to deal with the weight gain I mentioned in February. It seemed to work at first, but then it didn't. I decided to stay on core because I love eating like this! Seriously! I'll have to put up a core page soon.

Last month I saw a Sports Nutritionist to get to the bottom of my weight gain.

Body fat is 13.8%

My gain of five unexplained pounds? MUSCLE! She actually told me to increase my calories to a minimum of 2200 a day. So I did all that starving and worrying for nothing. After three weeks of increasing, no gain and no real loss (less than a pound).


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