The National Enquirer

In November of 2005 I got a phone call from Weight Watchers. They told me that the National Enquirer had called them asking for anyone who was willing to share their story who had lost weight around Christmas time. Since I had surprised my family at Christmas in 2002 with my weight loss, they thought that might be right up my alley. They asked if they could pass on my information.

Sure! Why not. Yes, I know. This is the same publication that is your basic gossip rag, true or not. But hey, how often does a national magazine call YOU asking for interviews? If you're me, not often!

In late November I did a phone interview with Eloise from the Enquirer. She was REALLY nice. I enjoyed a nice long chat with her. She's just over the pond from England and has lived in NYC for about six months. Nice nice lady. She said the last week of December my story would run.

Well we figured that would be the one dated the last week, and when it wasn't there I thought they'd decided not to use me. Today, December 30, I was out for a run with Roy when he took ill. I offered to run home and get the car and come back for him. We could get something to eat and then drive home. Imagine my surprise when I came into the deli and he pushed a magazine across from me and said "Hi Mrs. Famous!" There I was! A HUGE picture of me! Pretty soon the cashier who had sold him all her copies of The Enquirer (and "enquired why") came over to ask about the story. I guess I can tag two more minutes onto my 15 minutes of fame! (I figure I'm up to about 8 or 9 minutes now.)

Here's the story! There are some other REALLY amazing stories in the same issue of women who have lost 150 to over 200 pounds and made completely lifestyle changes. Even if you never get The Enquirer, I would suggest this one just for those stories alone.

Click on the image above to see the full size version.

My only disappointment is that the article is a little "off" in places and they don't mention Weight Watchers! Doggone it. This is all THANKS to Weight Watchers.

Oh's still pretty darn cool. Plus, Weight Watchers called me last week and told me they were passing on my information to First for Women, so I might be in another magazine...and this one is a tad classier.