One Hundred Things About Me

I saw this on someone else's website and I thought it was kind of fun, so there!

  1. My name is Tory, not Victoria or anything else. It is just Tory.
  2. My middle name is Lynn, but I use Olsen, my maiden name, most of the time. I do this because my real dad left when I was 4 and I was adopted by Gary (Dad). Out of respect for him, I kept my last name. When I told him, he said it was stupid. Doesn't matter. I know I did it for him. He doesn't have to understand.
  3. I don't have kids because I can't have kids.
  4. I'm okay with not having kids. I like our quiet but fun life.
  5. If, however, I found out I were pregnant tomorrow I would be thrilled and I think Roy and I would be awesome parents.
  6. I'd rather do something than buy something.
  7. Unless it is a computer. I'd rather buy stuff to make a new computer stuff than just about anything else.
  8. I love Disneyland. I would live there if I could.
  9. I met my husband in 5th grade, although I'm not sure that I talked to him that year.
  10. I first got a crush on my husband in the 8th grade.
  11. I had discussed Roy's boyfriend potential with a friend a week before we started dating and she said, "He'd make a good boyfriend for you!"
  12. I was Roy's only girlfriend.
  13. He was not my only boyfriend. He was my best one, though.
  14. I was 20 when I got married.
  15. What was I thinking?
  16. Roy was 19 when we got married.
  17. What we he thinking?
  18. I wouldn't do anything differently.
  19. I have huge mood swings.
  20. Roy rarely, if ever, gets angry.
  21. Not even when I'm going off the deep end.
  22. I often feel like I don't deserve Roy.
  23. I love how he spoils me.
  24. I truly try not to take him for granted, but sometimes I feel like I do.
  25. I actually do love teaching.
  26. I am sad for people who put money over job satisfaction. You couldn't pay me enough money to leave teaching for something I don't want to do.
  27. Roy and I work very well together because he is not threatened by my drive. I miss working with him.
  28. I have HUGE personal drive to achieve.
  29. I feel like I need to be the best at almost everything I do.
  30. I sometimes work so hard I make myself insane.
  31. I'm sure I make Roy insane too.
  32. Roy and I balance each other very well.
  33. I am impetuous.
  34. He is careful.
  35. Without him I'd probably have gone crazy by now.
  36. Without me he'd probably be in a rut.
  37. We are made for each other and I thank God for that every day.
  38. I cry when I get mad.
  39. I hate that I cry when I get mad.
  40. Having a Whipple Procedure was the worst thing that has ever happened to me.
  41. Having a Whipple Procedure was the best thing that ever happened to me.
  42. I have a new lust for life, even bigger than before, since Whipplefest 2003.
  43. I am a Christian.
  44. But I'm not a perfect Christian.
  45. I swear too much. I want to break that habit.
  46. I love quirky movies like "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" and "Office Space".
  47. Stephen King is my favorite author.
  48. So is John Steinbeck.
  49. I secretly want to write a book someday.
  50. A number of people have encouraged me to do this.
  51. I guess it isn't a secret any more.
  52. I love who I am now; the active woman who goes crazy with the training and the running and the triathlons.
  53. I can be very judgmental as a teacher.
  54. I believe that is because I am very driven.
  55. I also believe that teaching is a job that you have to take extremely seriously and if you're not dedicated 100%, you should leave.
  56. Lazy teachers should be fired.
  57. If you don't like your students, you should leave.
  58. I enjoy being with my kids more than I enjoy being with my colleagues, most of the time.
  59. I believe my ego is too big.
  60. I was fired from McDonalds when I was 19. How humiliating!
  61. I am a Democrat.
  62. I am, however, somewhat conservative.
  63. I believe in hard work and dedication and that this will eventually pay off.
  64. Roy cooks most of the time.
  65. I love to cook, but it's easier to let him do it because I make a mess.
  66. I love to run. I'm not kidding. I really love to run.
  67. I never formally exercised until I was 37 years old.
  68. I have very little patience at times.
  69. With my students, I have a lot of patience most of the time.
  70. I am surprised by that.
  71. I do not drink. I don't like it.
  72. I smoked marijuana one time in college. It wasn't all that it was cracked up to be.
  73. I have no desire to drink or do drugs.
  74. I think people who do drink to excess or do drugs are losers.
  75. I don't smoke and never have.
  76. I think people who smoke anywhere within the vicinity of a non smoker are inconsiderate and rude.
  77. I bought my first house when I was 40 and love it!
  78. I have run nine marathons.
  79. I love my life.
  80. I love going to see plays with Roy.
  81. I also love that he loves going to plays.
  82. He treats me like a princess. I love that.
  83. I get only about 6 hours of sleep a night.
  84. Since I started exercising, that's all I need.
  85. When I am in a really bad mood, going running will get me out of it every time.
  86. I had lasik surgery and I love it! It was expensive, but completely worth it.
  87. I am very proud of my weight loss, mostly because I feel like I am taking control of my health.
  88. I can be kind of mean to people I don't like.
  89. I talk behind people's backs if I don't respect them.
  90. I am not proud of either 88 or 89.
  91. I can't leave the house without makeup or being dressed neatly. Personal appearance is very important to me.
  92. This stems from when I was fat because I believe most people think fat women are lazy slobs and I never wanted to look that way.
  93. I have been featured in three magazines; The National Enquirer, Family Circle, and Woman's Own (a UK magazine).
  94. I am a complete computer geek.
  95. I have taken, and passed, 7 professional certification tests related to computers.
  96. I plan on taking more, but have been lax on that lately.
  97. I cried during the Olympics when people won.
  98. I secretly wish I had found my inner athlete earlier and actually did something with that.
  99. Even so, I am proud of every race, triathlon, and new goal I meet.
  100. I love life.